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I'm building an Award-Winning next generation business travel platform

Chief Technology and Product Officer

Headhunted to Goodwings, as the CTPO, I’m leading the technology & product team responsible for creating the next generation of travel management. Winning several innovation awards, increasing metrics and revenue across the board, I’d say we are successful.

This has involved among other things, designing a completely new platform from scratch, validating, mentoring, hiring, firing and doing product discovery.

Screenshot of the Goodwings platform

I help product people take data driven decisions

Side project
Open source

I built a Chrome extension to track events sent to Segment, helping product people and take better data driven decisions.

As of June 2024 there was

  • 40.800 installs
  • 17.000 active weekly users
Screenshot of the Segment Event Tracker Chrome Extension

I helped take Trustpilot to the next level and through an IPO

Group Product Manager

As Group Product Manager at Trustpilot and part of the extended leadership team, I had the honor of leading the B2B Core portfolio through an IPO.

Creating and executing on our B2B product strategy, mentoring and empowering Product Managers and representing the product department in various strategic cross-functional groups.

I managed three teams, set ambitious OKRs, and drove growth by enhancing onboarding and UI/UX, while breaking down silos between departments.

Marketing image of Trustpilot

I advise smart people on Product related topics

Product Advisor

I have the pleasure to mentor and advise the amazing product people in Provenance on subjects like product discovery, product roadmaps, storytelling and many other product related subjects. I also use my engineering background to help with subjects like widgets, infrastructure and integrations.

Screenshot representing Provenance.org

I program exciting games that will make you think and feel

Side project
In progress

"Urgent, Kate is missing!" is a game where you have to help find a missing person by exploring her desktop computer. Rummage through her files, photos, music, messages, emails and a lot more to discover her fate.

Solving puzzles with multiple solutions and crossing unspoken boundaries. Will you unravel the mystery of what happened to Kate?

Screenshots of the game Urgent: Kate Is Missing

I founded and bootstrapped a company which built awesome websites for the largest brands in Denmark

Chief Technology and Product Officer

All built in the Content Management System (CMS) Siteloom. I was responsible for the product from day one, and made a truly scaleable system that ended up being used by a lot of Denmarks largest brands for +15 years.

Managed a team of 9 programmers, graphics artists, a lot of freelancers and a project leader.

Responsible for product development in PHP/MySQL, but also other interesting technologies like Node.js, Java, PostgreSQL and frontend technologies like Vanilla Javascript, JQuery, React, etc.

Image with logos that Siteloom made websites for

I help agile product teams navigate their Kanban boards

Side project
Open Source

An open source chrome extension that helps users better navigate their agile tasks, by giving the trello cards a solid background color.

Screenshot of the Trello chrome extension

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I connect podcast creators and listeners

Side project
In progress

Podfriend is a native Desktop, Mobile and Web application that seamlessly synchronizes what, and how much, you listened to.

Introducing features like being able to stream bitcoin to podcasts instead of subscriptions, live transcripts and much richer podcast information, Podfriend was one of the first Podcasting 2.0 apps, paving the way for a future generation of podcast applications and was used and endorsed by Adam Curry, who invented Podcasting.

I started a vibrant Mojito community that grew to 1 million members


The Mojito community on Facebook is a thriving hub for cocktail enthusiasts, boasting over 1 million members.

Dedicated to celebrating the art of crafting and enjoying the classic Mojito, the page offers a blend of expert tips, creative recipes, and vibrant discussions, connecting Mojito lovers from around the world.

Whether you're a seasoned mixologist or a curious newcomer, you'll find a welcoming space to share your passion, learn new techniques, and enjoy the refreshing flavors of this iconic cocktail.

I craft mysteries and adventure, just waiting to be explored

Side project
Never finished

Primordial Prophecy is an enchanting pixel art RPG adventure game that transports players into a mystical world filled with ancient secrets and epic quests.

Immerse yourself in a beautifully crafted universe where every scene tells a story, and every adventure unveils a part of the grand prophecy.

I developed one of the first reactive tree-view components, used by NASA and IBM

Side project
Open Source

Created in the early 2000’s, I made one of the very first Javascript tree view components.

Unheard of back then, it had lazy-loading of nodes, support for renaming nodes as well as drag and drop (even across frames!)

So who knows, maybe I ended up helping send someone to the moon?

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Have a look at some of the really

Ancient projects

that I've worked on

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I helped people meet, create connections and fall in love

Side project

When I was 18 I built one of Denmark’s very first social media platforms.

The first version was shown on Danish national television and several couples even found each other because of the site. It had a CMS before anyone even coined the term. Built in Perl with a .txt file database, it probably had more security holes than a swizz cheese.

I dropped out of high school to help start one of the first web hosting providers in Denmark

Web Developer

C'est la vie. Bored of learning french, I dropped out of high school to help start one of the first web hosts in Denmark. It still exists to this day!

Among other things I made the website design, a self service DNS admin tool, an internal admin system for easily creating websites for customers and maybe the first Danish plug and play web shop system.