Martin Mouritzen

I'm Martin Mouritzen

Global Growth Hacker, Trustpilot

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I love discovering products, brainstorming and taking a product from idea to implementation.

I am (really) passionate about what I do, and thus I don't consider work a seperate part of my life that I just go and do 8 hours each day to earn a living. I use most evenings to better myself, experimenting with the latest stuff and pushing the borders of what I thought possible.

I live for those "EUREKA" moments.

I'm easy to talk to, and I love talking to users, programmers and clients. My perspective is that everyone hoards brilliant gems of knowledge that they're more than willing to share with you, if you just take the time to listen and let them express their own passion to you.

I am an expert in the LAMP stack, but I enjoy getting my hands dirty with new technology. Currently I am in love with Node.js and React.

Professional Skills

Product skills

Product management Skilled, 10+ years
I've helped so many customers and employers come up with fantastic products, and launched several successfull software products used by some of the largest brands in Denmark
Business Acumen Skilled, 10+ years
I've helped a lot of customers and employers succeed in their marketplace.
Presentation Skilled, 15 years
I am great at getting my point across in presentations and material

Various IT skills

Photoshop Decent, 15 years
I am actually quite skilled with photoshop, and I do enjoy making fake movie posters starring my friends!
Various software
I can figure out how to use most software. I know my way around Word, Excel, versioning software and other normal office tools.

Developer skills

PHP Expert, 18 years
I guess I probably used PHP for pretty much everything!
MySQL Expert, 18 years
I'm no stranger to joins, database normalization or indexes.
JavaScript Expert, 20 years
I love Javascript. I can use Vanilla, JQuery or pretty much any framework.
HTML & CSS Expert, 20 years
If you can design it, I can display it!
Java Skilled, 4 years
Well versed in AWT, Swing, desktop development, applets, etc.
Node.js Skilled, 2 years
I have made a few large applications in Node.js.
.NET (C#) Beginner, 6 months
I have made some small desktop applications in C#, but not anything huge.
React Beginner, 6 months
I am learning to love React!
Integration Skilled, 15 years
I know my REST, SOAP, XML, CSV, JSON, Atom, RSS. You name it, I can probably communicate with it!
Web security Expert, 15 years
No cross-site scripting or SQL injections here!

Leader skills

Team leading Skilled, 9 years
Managing programmers is a bit like herding cats.
Negotiation Skilled, 15 years
A bit hard to define, but I sure negotiated with a lot of clients! I am a firm believer in win/win scenarios, and I am good at reaching compromises.
Communication and marketing Decent, 15 years
I know how to make an impression, but I'd hire somebody other than myself for this one!

Various IT skills

Photoshop Decent, 15 years
I am actually quite skilled with photoshop, and I do enjoy making fake movie posters starring my friends!
Various software
I can figure out how to use most software. I know my way around Word, Excel, versioning software and other normal office tools.

Work Experience

2016 - current


Global Growth Developer

Member of the growth team, responsible for scaling Trustpilot above and beyond. Keywords: A/B testing, conversion improvement and happiness optimization!

2001 - 2016

Siteloom ApS

CTO, Founder & Partner.

Because Siteloom is a small company (11 employees when we were largest), I've had a lot of different roles, and though I've acted primarily as CTO, I've also, in combination with my co-owner, acted as CEO, lead developer, serveradmin, project leader, writing newsletters, writing offers and agreements and a lot more.

2002 - 2004

Bellcom A/S

Lead Programmer

Responsible for internal development - mostly on different Open Source systems - and web development for clients, primarily using the LAMP stack. Clients consisted of Siemens, WWF, Radisson SAS, The Conservative Party,, and more.

2001 - 2001



Development of several Java desktop apps, as well as web development for clients such as Venstre and Ilva.

1999 - 2000


Web Developer

Developer on a huge multi-language site, with several million daily visitors.

1997 - 1998



Helped start the company while in High School. Programmed one of the very first generic webshop systems in Denmark.

Selected clients

Greenland travel
CPH Airport
Urban avis
Aqua d'or
Bella sky
B & P
One Mobile
Stella Nova
Lokal tog
Tårnby kommune
AL Finans
TV2 Øst
Region Sjælland
Opdag Verden
Ekstra Bladet
Brøndby IF
Boligforeningen 3B
Vores børn
Air Greenland
FC København
ASE Selvstændig
CBB Mobil
Theis Vine
Tryg Forsikring
Radisson SAS
And so much more


1999 - 2000

Academy Profession (AP) Degree in Computer Science

Lyngby Uddannelsescenter

1, 2 & 3 Semester
1998 - 2000

High School

Nykøbing F. Katedralskole

1g, 2g.

Public School

Svaneskolen, Væggerløse


  • Martin possesses the sought-after triad of excellent technical knowledge, strong commercial understanding and great social skills. Working with Martin on multiple projects, I can attest to his strength in all of these areas. He easily commands any technical challenge, applying the appropriate level of energy and always responds with a smile. I have no hesitation in giving Martin my utmost recommendation as a developer, technical leader and colleague.

    Simon Chercka Siteloom ApS, Project Manager (Reported to Martin)
  • Martin is one of the best developers i know. Martin thinks fast and is a problemsolver. I Recommend Martin everywhere I go.

    Dennis Bosse Designer at Pajor Reklamebureau (worked together for several clients)
  • Martin Mouritzen is creative and rich on ideas in regards to development, which gives some innovative and strong solutions.
    I can recommend Martin Mouritzen as a competent and technically strong developer.

    Benjamin F. Lund CEO Bellcom Open Source A/S
  • I am so glad of our work together that you can write anything you like

    Thomas Kragh Head of marketing, Urban Newspaper

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